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5 Reasons to Thread!

I'm sure by now you've heard of the concept of threading. You know, rolling thread around itself enough times for it to grasp onto a hair (or ten) and pull it (or them) out from the root? Have you also heard about why it's the best method of hair removal? Allow me:

1. Little to NO REDNESS!

That's right! When you gets your brows, upper lip, cheeks, etc. threaded, the thread is merely pulling the individual hairs from the root. This process does not cause much irritation to the skin surrounding your hairs, therefore giving it no reason to turn bright red.

2. Safe For Skin Medication

Because the thread is only affecting the hairs and not the skin, you can get threaded while on medication for skin conditions, such as acne. I was on acne medication for years and was grateful for threading because tweezing caused me to have those nasty ingrown hairs.

3. Precision

The threader can decide to remove one individual hair, or a line of hairs at once. This means not having to go back through with tweezers after the fact. This also means easily achieving the perfect arch every time!

4. Quick

The person threading can make straight, clean lines in one go each time the thread runs across the eyebrows. This makes for quicker appointments so you can be in, out, and on your way in no time!

5. Cost effective

As thread is the only tool necessary for this service, and one spool can last a very long time, it keeps the overhead low! When the overhead is low, so are the prices you pay as well! No wax, no strips, no wax removing oil, just thread! Of course, most threaders will apply a little bit of lotion just to protect the skin from external dirt.

There ya have it, 5 great reasons threading is your best bet for hair removal! Hope to see you soon!

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